View Of Stonemasons & Plaque

The stone masons use different kinds of stones to construct different kinds of buildings, walls, interior, and exterior floors. The stonemasons must be able to do the common math, also know algebra and some geometry equipment that necessary, that are important in this field.

Types of Stonemasons:

The stonemasons using different kinds of stones. One kind of stone is known as a natural cut stone and the other is known as artificial stone.

  1. Natural stone: The natural cut stone includes marble, granite, limestone. These natural stones have a special design on them. The stonemason based in sunshine coast cut these some with a special instrument known as a diamond blade.
  2. Artificial stones:The artificial stones are made up of concrete marble chips and other materials
  3. Construction of House:The stonemasons construct different houses that are made up of stone by using different equipment. After bringing all stones the stonemasons arrange them in a row. Then using a mortar and the stones the stonemasons construct the whole house. The construction of houses with stones is not an easy task. Stonemason used brackets to place the stone in place. After that, the stonemasons bolt the bracket to anchor in the wall. After completion of the construction, the masons wash all the stones and dry the mortar.
  4. Stone Floor:The stonemasons also set the time floors. For setting the stone on the floor. The stonemasons first add thick mortar on the floor in which different stones can be fixed.Stonemasons are a specialized person that deals with different kinds of stones. These stonemasons are those that are capable to repair any defect in the wall or floor.


Plaque is a piece of stone or marble or any kind of wood or metal that consists of any historic information on it. Most of the steel plaque is found in the museum that tells about the history of any field.

Plaque is made of stones that can be used nowadays for telling the directions.  But due to the use of the original stone the theft cases increase.

Uses of Plaque:

  1. Historical Plaque:During the Benin Empire, there was a sculptural tradition. During this region, the plaques are made up of brass and bronze. These plaques are installed on the walls of the church. These historical plaques are in a different museum that describes the history of different heroes and their materials. The original colour of plaque is plus but for money-saving purposes the colour changes to chocolate brown.
  2. Awards:Plaques are the best alternative to trophies. Plaques are given to people instead of trophies. Because on plaques, the award reason, the date can easily be mentioned.

House board:In some areas, if a person keeps the house the same as in the past fifty years the government allows the person to use the plaque as the signal the historical house.