Pros And Cons Of The Ducted Heating And Cooling

Ducted heating and cooling are the type of the central heating and cooling systems which are popular choice in many residential and commercial properties to heat or cool the entire house via a network of ducts and pipes.  Although the functionality of the ducted heating and cooling in melbourne is similar to the split one in which the outdoor unit is connected to the indoor but instead of connecting to one unit the source of the central heating or cooling is connected to multiple vents in various parts of the property. In this the pipes and the ducts which are installed are insulated so that the temperature of the air inside the pipe could be maintained. The controller is attached to the system by which the temperature can be controlled and once the set temperature is reached the system stops the cooling or heating and maintain it there.

Pros of the ducted heating and cooling:


People install this as a permanent solution to solve the heating and cooling problem in their entire house or property so that they are free from the trouble that one room is cooled or heated whereas others are not and to heat or cool the entire home this is one of the most effective system.


Split air conditioning causes more noise when the compressor turns on and off and is noticeable but the ducted systems are less noisy and once the central system is placed in some attic or basement which is not visible, the ducts and pipes are inside the interior and there are only vents through which the house is heated or cooled.


This is the feature which is not present in all of the ducted systems but modern ducted heating and cooling have this and in this you can control which part of your house needs to be heated or cooled down.

Economical and adds value to property:

If you calculate the cost of installing the split AC in your entire house then the ducted heating and cooling is much more economical and it also increases the worth of your property because you cannot take it with you and it stays in the property.


Buy, operate and install:

Although the initial cost of the total ducted system is much more than one split AC and the cost increased if you want some additional features such as the zoning, reverse air conditioning because these are not part of normal ducted system.

These systems cools or heats the entire house and are on all the time and therefore, naturally these use much more energy then the Split ACs or inverters and in case you do not get the zoning then the ducted system will heat or cool down even those part of the house in which there is no person and that would be waste of energy and money. Similarly, the installation is expensive and complex as well.