Popular Architectural Styles For Homes

Whether you are building or rebuilding your home you must be well aware of all the styles residential architecture can offer you. Building a personalized home grants you complete control over the designing of each and every aspect of it and the luxury to choose a style that fits your needs and tastes. But there are some conditions to consider when choosing the style like the climatic condition of the area in which your land is in and the surrounding landscape. Expert architectures can also combine two or more styles to give you an exquisite home. Even if you are remodeling your home these styles can help you plan a unique design. The original style of your house can be used to make changes.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes are small homes with a simple symmetric design. This home style is practical and works well for small families. Its layout looks intimate and cozy. The shape of this home has a formal floor plan with the master bedroom in the ground floor and other bedrooms upstairs. The design can be altered slightly by luxury builders from Adelaide to add a garage to the side and more rooms or storage spaces in the upper level.


Victorian homes are extravagant homes built with unique detailing both inside and out. The floor plan of this home style is elaborate and complex as their are many rooms all over the place. The home is surrounded with large porches that interconnect with rooms and allow indoor and outdoor living. These bright and decorative houses are all about beauty not functionality.


A distinguishing feature of these house styles is the simplistic design mixed with a large amount of interior woodwork as these homes are designed by emphasizing on natural materials. Craftsman has wide front porches and open interiors. It also has built in furniture, large fireplaces and beams. These homes are comfortable and rich.


The traditional ranch style is typically a single story home that is plain and basic. These homes have an open floor plan encouraging a less formal lifestyle. Simple, open layouts and long, low rooflines are standard features of ranches. As ranches became more common home builders incorporated slightly different features into the basic ranch home style. The rectangular structure connects the indoor and outdoor of the household. This plain structure also makes future add-ons simple.


The special features of these homes are glass, open floor plans and aesthetic design. There isn’t unnecessary detailing but there’s a complex mix of different materials and textures. These homes focus on function over style.