Roofing And Its Type

The roof is the topmost part of any home. A beautiful roof style enhances the beauty of the home. The roof covers the whole building or home and it contains all necessary material for the support of walls of home and building to support it on upright. As a home can build without walls in the same way home cannot remain to save without a roof. A roof saves home from sun, rain, storm and another harshness of weather.

According to need roof has different types and shapes.  Every type of roof has its own quality and beauty. All types of roofs are loved by different people. Some common types of roof are:

Slate roof:

Slating roofs are used for more than 100 years. It is a waterproof roof and does not burn. It also resists the harmful effects of the environment i.e. it resists bacteria, fungus and mould from the environment. Slat is eco-friendly but effect by wet or rainy weather. It is also expensive.

Solar tiles:

Solar energy tiles are new technology and help in to generate electricity from solar energy. Solar tiles are good for sunny areas and those people who avoid solar panel can install solar tiles for electricity. Solar tiles decrease the cost of electricity and help to provide energy. Solar tiles are eco-friendly.

Clay and concrete tiles:

Clay and concrete tiles roofs are good in dry, sunny, warm climate areas. It also resists earthquake, storms and hurricanes. It is a strong roof in harsh weather.

Green roofs:

A roof covers with the plant is called the green roof. Green roofs are eco-friendly and improve the air quality of the home. Green roofs decrease water run flow, reduce heat. Green roofs are good to absorb water vapours and keep the home and surrounding clean. The life span of green roofs is more than 40 years. It is a good idea of the roof to reduce global warming and also makes the environment clean and healthy.


Velux skylights are not itself worked as a roof but the installation of skylights is a good idea. By Velux skylights, a home can get a sufficient amount of heat. In day time skylights cut off the expenses of electricity and also give the home a sufficient amount of light.

Metal roof:

Metal roofs look like as slate and it can retain for more than 60 years. A metal roof is good in those areas that get heavy snowfall and rain. It also resists heat or fire and also high-speed winds. It is light in weight but it is noisy in rainy weather as well as in heavy snowfall.

All above-mentioned roofs have its own qualities and according to weather and need, it can be installed. Every roof has its own quality and a good roofing company helps in the installation of the roof for years. Carter Roofing and Slating is also a well-known roofing company in Australia. This company is an expert in providing high qualities roofs all over in Australia. Visit this website to find out more details.