5 Facts Every Interior Designer Should Know

If you’re someone who has a knack for moving things around and always receives compliments for your style and designs, then interior designing is the right career plan for you. Before you decide to switch your career objectives, I must assure you that interior designing is not going to be sparkly but there will be challenges as you pursue this dream. You may have doors being opened or closed at you. Read on to find out how you can become a good interior designer.

Designing not decorating

This might come as a big surprise to all the future designers that decorating isn’t the same as interior designing. Anyone can decorate but not everyone can have the eye for designing. Yes, it is easy to throw in some colors, and change the curtains and repaint the walls. But that’s not what you necessarily have to do. Your job is to enhance the space of a building or a house.

Being a people person

Listening and communication are two important words that should be on your portfolio as a designer. You will be designing your client’s houses and it’s their ideas that counts and not yours. You can only choose to offer different kinds of designs but it’s in the client’s hands to decide what they actually like.

Law and code compliances

It’s important that you adhere to the rules and regulations before you start designing. This is the difference between a random decorator and a designer. A designer has to follow the decorum and study the rules before designing. For an instant, having knowledge about the pipe lines and electricity, having building inspections Melbourne to rule out any flaws in the house before putting work on the interior.

Designing is more than fun

It is true that designing can be fun and glamorous. You get to meet new folks and design their houses according to their taste. But there is a lot of math and history behind all that. You need to be updated about the designs coming into markets. The structure of the building, building codes and ethics. Having mutual relationships with a house inspector Werribee to identify any structural flaws in the house. These are some of the things you need to pay attention as a designer.

Having a good portfolio

Nobody wants to read about your university and the kind of education that you’ve received. People want someone who can get the job done without any mistake. Keep in mind that the competition among interior decorators is fierce. Keep it in simple lines and not pages and pages of boring details but have images of your recent work and mention why you are different from the others. This is how you capture your market.Always remember to stand out from the crowd and to do things out of the box. Social media is the best way you can advertise about yourself and create your own identity. If you still think you want to pursue a career in interior designing, then remember these five point and you can score a 10 as an interior designer.